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Why tomkart?
- The Tomkart weighs including Lithium-Batteries only 150 kg and they can be recharged very fast.
- Due to the easily adjustable driving dynamics, seat- and pedals- construction, Tomkart is ideal for both children and adults, with the ability to fit to body sizes from 130 to 190 cm.
- Because the tomkart has been constructed exclusively for electric operation!
- Tomkart is an outstanding swiss quality product.
- Only future-oriented technology is used in the Tomkart.
=> The tomkart is the perfect indoor renting kart for children and adults!

Why electric karts?
- No exhaust emissions
- Low noise emissions
- High torque at low rpm
- High safety standards for customers and track operators
- Accepted by ecologically thinking customers as well as by public authorities

Why is the chassis based on polymers and composite substances?
The Tomkart chassis is elastic but stays inherently stable. A steel pipe chassis however will deforme by use. The elastic Tomkart polymer composite chassis comes always back to the initial form.

How long can the tomkart drive without recharching the batteries?
A Tomkart needs, in full rental use, about 1 Ah current per minute. With new batteries (40 Ah) it would be possible to drive by full power output about 30 minutes. But we recommend a driving time of 8 minutes to not overstrain the customers and to not completely decharge the batteries. The charging time of the batteries is about 50% shorter than the driving time as charging can be done with higher intensity of current than driving needs.

How long is the expected lifetime of the batteries?
The answer to this question is depending on various influencing factors like the batteries-charger or the karting track. Thanks to a smart battery controller, the batteries can have a lifetime up to 10'000 charging cycles. We give a garantee of at least 5'000 charging cycles in compliance to the conditions of use.

How fast is the tomkart?
With our recommended settings for rental karts 55 km/h, with the maximum performance more than 100 km/h top-speed.