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After more than 8 years of design, development, prototyping and testing in real operation we created a complete solution for your rental go-kart track. The first smart electric go-kart with integrated timing and management software. With our proven business model, we will help you to reach the full potential of your go-karting project.

  • Hi-end smart electric go karts
  • Timing and management software
  • Attractive track design
  • Safety barrier system
  • Business intelligence
  • Renewing old go-kart tracks
  • Building new entertaining tracks
  • Business support

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Monoblock glass fibre chassis reinforced with carbon fibre

Combined with plastic all-around protection provides high strength and flexibility.


Adjustable pedals and seat

Providing full adaptability for body sizes from 130 cm up to 195 cm.



High-end lithium batteries with custom BMS delivering power to brushless maintenance free electric motor.


Multifunctional steering wheel

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Steering wheel

All important informations and controls at the right place.


Fully integrated software and hardware solution for your go-kart track centre.

20 years of experience with rental go-kart centre operation. For maximum business efficiency and best customer experience.

Race track

Efficiently manage drivers, races, events and go-karts.


For the best fun experience and engagement.


Automatic and individual speed control.


Take the full control of your business.


Latest news

Our solution is a great business opportunity with high ROI

Go-karting is one of the fastest growing “offline” entertainment segments worldwide. Take a chance and start your own rental go-karting business in your area.

Great business for who?

Owners of go-kart tracks looking for upgrade
Owners of land or building willing to start a new business
Enthusiasts - do you have an idea? It’s also possible to start in rented facility
Investors and retail real estate developers seeking solutions to increase the value of their project